Friday, March 4, 2016

Granny's 75th

Back in January we celebrated Granny's 75th birthday.  My aunt provide the flowers - red roses was our theme.  They were so pretty!

I made a canvas collage of Granny with her family.
I printed all of our photos in black and white, which made it a little difficult for some to recognize others since you tend to assume black and white is an older photograph. ;)

My mom had the tables beautifully decorated with red - Granny's favorite color.

I was feeling quite crafty for the occasion and made two other decorations.  The "LOVE" canvas is red with a gyp board "love" painted in gold.  Then I took an un-sharpened pencil and dotted the canvas with two different cold paints.

I also made this photo collage.  It was challenging to make the photos fit in the shape, but I enjoyed it!
And even tackled the back side! Ha!

I also made the cake and frosting.  Two batches of frosting, to be exact!  That cake was full of sugar! ;)

I DID NOT make the cookies! ;)  I had a friend make some cookies and I think they turned out very well.

Since the function was at my parents' house, I was able to walk around and take pictures!  The girls love to sit with their daddy on the couch.

The girls aren't looking at the camera, but it's still a cute picture of them.

Since, we had all spent some time together just two weeks before on Christmas Day, the girls were ready to play with their 2nd cousin, Kaitlynn.  There's nothing like a teenager who's willing to get on the floor and play with younger kiddos.

Miranda even showed us some of her gymnastics.
But, all that playing around makes you tired!
Granny with three of her great granddaughters...

So, when it was time for dessert, we realized we had no candles for Granny to blow out!

We did the best we could and Granny got to hold her own votive while we sang Happy Birthday!

Even my aunt Rhonda was able to fly down for the celebration and we loved spending time with her.

One candle is so much easier to blow out.  This may become a new tradition! ;)

When making the cake, I attempted to make different shades of red, but they turned out looking like shades of orange.

And of course, the girls loved helping Granny open her gifts.


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  1. What a beautiful post. Thanks for all you did to make the party so memorable! 75 years loved!


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