Monday, March 7, 2016

Gala Fun

At the end of January, Brandon and I attend a gala at Texas A&M for their performing arts organization, OPAS.  This year was my third time to attend and it was fun as usual.  Since it's a performing arts organization, they always have students dressed up to match their theme for the evening.  Last year the theme was Alice and Wonderland, but this year it was "Around the World in 80 days."  They had students dressed up from all the different countries in the book.  Another lady and I walked around and took pictures with them.  It's silly, but at the same time it was fun to do and helped passed the time since I don't dance. ;)

This poor girl, would stand with her arms down until someone walked near her.  Then, up went her arms and she was the Statue of Liberty.
 And the Cleopatra girl was weird...Along with her guy that flexed his muscles at all times.  ;)

Already looking forward to next year's gala/theme! ;)

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