Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A 2 year old's thoughts...

Once a week, we have "stay at home days" where all we do is take Mackenzie to and from school and Meredith, Miranda and I are at home all day. We like those days! ;) Although, on those days the girl's ipad is fought over quite a bit.  On this particular day, Miranda had it and was quite comfortable on the couch watching videos. ;)
"uh, are you seriously taking pictures?"
"I'll fix that.  Can't get any good pictures now."
"See, if I watch the videos this closely, you can't see my face."
"Momma, you're making me laugh!  How are you still making me laugh? You aren't supposed to see me."
"Fine, I'll just ignore you."
"Momma!  Go away!"

Later that day the girls made a giant high chair for all of their babies.

That's a lot of babies!  And most of them sleep with Miranda in her bed!

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