Friday, February 12, 2016

tea party

Back in January, I was cleaning out the girls' closets and found one of their tea sets. Instantly, the little girls wanted a tea party!

Apple juice and animal crackers - a great tea party! ;)

There are two different ways you can drink "tea" at a a cup or tea pot!

They drank a lot of juice, but had a lot of fun!

Without even telling her, Miranda drank her juice with her pinky out! Ha!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

19 days later

And 19 days later, I'm finally blogging.  I've been super busy lately and just haven't had time to sit and edit photos and blog.  Lately in my life...

Bible Study Methods
I signed up for a Wednesday Night Bible Class titled "Bible Study Methods".  We had to commit to being there every week for the quarter and doing homework every week.  With only 2 classes left, I can with out a doubt say that I loved this class.  The first part of the quarter was learning how to observe, interpret and apply scripture and the second half has been focusing on different bible study methods.  We've learned about Devotional, Biographical, Chapter Summary, Word, and now Thematic Bible Studies.  I think the Biographical and Word Studies have been my favorite.  I'm so thankful I made this commitment and pray that I will continue with my studies once the class is over.

First Grade Bible Class
Also, in December, Brandon and signed up to teach the First Grade Bible Class on Sunday mornings.  After 2 weeks, I realized I LOVE this group of kids/age and asked to be a coordinator for that grade level.  Since then, I've been focusing on revamping the lessons and have found so many great ideas to implement in the new school year (September).  Every week, not only am I working on that week's lesson, but I'm also reviewing lessons from other quarters and creating memory work outlines.  I have quite a lot to do in the next 6 months, but I love it!

Father Daughter banquet
2 other friends and I are planning the church's father daughter banquet again this year.  It's in 9 days and we are doing pretty well.  We are having a "Round-up" with a cowboy/cowgirl theme.  We've been trying to keep our expenses way down, so we've raided the VBS closet, borrowed items from other people, our own houses and are asking some to cook food.  I have canned peaches and pears in my fridge because I needed the large cans for table decorations!  Ha!  Another one of our friends is bringing hay and other "cowboy" stuff next Thursday when we decorate.  I can't wait to see it all together and of course I'll be taking a lot of pictures! 

So those are the things I flip between from day to day along with my normal drop offs, swim lessons, gymnastics, laundry, cooking!  I truly had no idea I would be so busy as a stay at home mom, but after 4 1/2 years, this is the new normal. ;)
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