Saturday, January 23, 2016

December Miscellaney

It's time for my December 2015 miscellany!  First, is another "before church" photo shoot.  Each girl insists on being in the middle or else tears are involved. :/

Then, the big girls (maybe even Miranda) insisted on taking my picture.

We all matched very well that day! ;)

Mackenzie had another skating party and even though we got off to a rough start - with tears, she finally got happy and discovered that it was a little easier to skate with the walker thingy.

One day, Miranda and I had a day date.  On another outing, she discovered she likes ketchup! ;)

I helped out at Meredith's school watching a teacher's daughter and was able to have lunch with Meredith.  Miranda even got to sit next to Meredith at lunch! So cute!

Brandon and I started teaching Mackenzie's bible class in December and that's when I realized she didn't have an appropriate bible for class.  She only had a small New Testament and we were looking up Old Testament stories.  So, I went to the store to buy her one and as soon as Meredith saw Mackenzie's (middle), she wanted a new one too (butterfly).  And of course, if her big sisters were getting bibles, Miranda insisted she get one too!  So, 3 pink bibles it is! ;)

This is how Meredith visited Star Lily (unicorn) every week at the grocery store before Christmas.

I was working in my bible classroom on day and Meredith made "beds" for her and miranda.  Despite the hard surface, they laid on them for quite some time.

Two or three times a week, Meredith "hides" from me when I drop Mackenzie at school.  This is exactly how she hides.  I pretend to not see her and say "Where's Meredith" until she pops out and screams "Boo!"

A girl at Mackenzie's school competed in a contest to win Super Bowl tickets and the NFL did a story on her.  It included a pep rally for the school in which JJ Watt came to speak.  Mackenzie actually made it on tv in the clip!  She looks super excited too, huh?! ;)
And if you are interested in seeing the entire video, here it is.

And finally, Meredith is our pickiest eater and so this is to document her happiness at a restaurant she eats at without complaint - BJ's!  She loves their pizza!

OK...I think that's it for 2015! Woo Hoo!

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