Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Christmas Part 2

Christmas morning is always fun with little kids, especially with these girls!  The girls and I wait in the bedroom while Brandon turns on the light in the office so we can open presents. 

They kept busy for a few minutes by hugging each other. ;)

Walking to the office...

Meredith was super excited that Santa brought her a unicorn!  Her name is Starlily and she's one of those Furreal pets that moves and makes noises.

Each girl had a pile of their stuff and then in the middle was their combined gifts.

I don't have any captions...just pictures. ;)

Lots of playtime that morning before heading out to Granny & Papa's house, plus later that evening.

Fun morning with just us.  Brandon and I also exchanged gifts, but we never take picture of each other! ha!

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