Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2015 Christmas - Part 1

Clearly one of my New Year's Resolution was not to blog every day!  Twelve days into 2016 and I'm finally blogging about all of our Christmas events! ;)

Our first Christmas celebration was with my family on the Tuesday before Christmas.  This year's theme was chosen by Mackenzie...Santa Clause!

Sweet girls waiting for the party to start!

 Pretty tree!
Since Mackenzie chose the theme, she got to take the decorations home.
Isn't this centerpiece so cute?!

Even the dining room had candy canes.

My mom also bought some fun glasses for all of the grandkids.  They were made to look at Christmas tree lights!
Miranda didn't quite understand how the glasses worked!

But here's what happens...
They make the lights turn into Santa heads!

Her mouth is full of food, but it's still a festive picture!

The two big grandkids were out of town, but the younger five had fun together.

Presents, presents, presents!

Clothes are always a hit with my girls!

Aunt Kelsey gave the girls her old American Girl dolls and accessories.  They are a big hit with all 3!

New ornaments for our tree.

Of course, hats were a huge hit with the big kids too!  Ha!

We had an excellent meal, great time together and lots of fun and laughter.  The girls got so much fun stuff, we spent the next day doing crafts!
Stickers and rings...
Butterfly wands.

and one of my favorites!

Now onto Christmas Eve!

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