Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 Christmas Eve

Last year on Christmas Eve we ordered pizza for dinner and then went looking at Christmas lights, so this year we did the same thing.  We spent the day relaxing, cooking and playing with our new crafts and toys.  We also made our annual gingerbread house, except this year it was Elsa's ice castle!

This is one of Meredith's outfits and she had finally decided to love it, so we tried it all on.

We ate our pizza and then drove to a neighborhood we had never been before to see their lights.  It was a big neighborhood and a lot of houses were decorated.  Unfortunately, LOTS of people had the same idea! It was quite crowded!

I also decided to let them open up one gift each from me and Brandon.

Yay - ornaments! ;)
Elsa, Anna and Olaf!

Earlier I had made brownies in the shape of Christmas tree, so that's what was left for Santa, along with a chocolate covered pretzel.
Our Christmas Eves are pretty low key and that's the way we like it. ;)

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