Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Card Photos

Since it's Christmas Day, I thought I'd post picture of the girls I took for our Christmas card. Be prepared there are a LOT of photos! I tooke pictures of the girls early on in the week in their dress clothes and then again later in the week when I was going to take pictures for a friend.

Let's preface this with the fact that even though there are 60+ photos here below, I took 500+ photos to get this many good ones!  And all of these aren't necessarily "good" in the normal sense of the word, however they are keepers because of the girls silly faces or actions.

I think this is the only indoor one with all 3 smiling!

See...already pouting!

Miranda is too funny!  Could she be any less interested in having her sisters kiss her?!

Mackenzie can follow directions well, so she's easy except for the fake smile that comes out sometimes.

Meredith was her best this year.  In years past there has been a lot of pouting and crying, but this year it was kept to a minimum by her. ;)

Brandon wasn't a big fan of her pictures because he says she's not really smiling, but I think she smiles like me and doesn't show her teeth like Brandon and Mackenzie do.  The picture on the right, is the true Meredith! ;)

Again, true reveal of Meredith's personality!

Not the greatest of smiles but I like the red and green backdrop with her dress.

Miranda was the least cooperative....

...and that's because she's THREE! ;)

When you're 3, you can pout whenever you want to!

And if you see a bug outside you have an excuse not to pay attention to the picture taking! ;)

Over and over again, she would smile, but not look at the camera.  So frustrating. :/

I don't remember what I said, but I actually got her to smile a real smile AND look at the camera!

After the dress up pictures I finally let them be silly!

Two days later I took their pictures in the green space at the front of our neighborhood.  This is what we started with...

So, I had them stand up to try something different!  Success!!!

Mackenzie was much better at her natural smile here.

Meredith too...

Again, Meredith's natural reaction to having her picture taken!

The sun is a little bright, but still a pretty good picture.

Finally - a great smile from Miranda.  Too bad her hair is crazy!

One of my final attempts at all three together...

"Miranda look at the camera"
"I am!"

"I am!"
"I AM!"
"forget it."

A cute one with a sign.  I had to cut Meredith out though, because she wasn't smiling. ;)

If they had all been looking at the camera in the picture on the right, it would have been an awesome picture, but oh well!

Silly big girls!

And that's a wrap for Christmas card photos!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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