Thursday, December 17, 2015

October Miscellaney

It's time again for some miscellaneous photos from my phone!  It's the October December! ;)

Meredith likes to walk silly to pick up Mackenzie.  I think she might have fallen the next morning and managed to scrape both knees, one elbow and her hip. :(  I'm super thankful that a friend of ours saw us as I was trying to get Mackenzie to school, carry Miranda and calm Meredith down especially since she had already seen the blood on her knee. She was able to calm Meredith down and even carried her back to our car.  So sweet!  I don't think Meredith's has silly walked since!
I know I've posted about our visit to Granny & Papa's, but I couldn't resist posting this picture.  Miranda was just so comfortable in Papa's lap.
Mackenzie took some pictures of me and Granny.  We had quite a few where we weren't ready, but a couple of them turned out really well!

Dairy Queen on Columbus Day.  Because why not celebrate the discovery of America by eating America's greatest ice cream treat! ;)

Miranda sleeps with a TON of baby dolls and stuffed animals.  When the cleaning ladies clean her room, they line up all her dolls on her bed and make me realize how many she actually sleeps with!

Miranda has some crazy bed head in the mornings!
Meredith came running to me one day saying, "Look Momma, I used my imagination with the box!"  They played tea party for quite some time.

After ladies class one Wednesday, Miranda actually sat at a different booth from me at lunch!  This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me and her, it's huge!  I finally got to sit and eat lunch next to one of my friends and she wasn't trying to climb in my lap the entire time! ;)

Apparently, it's really cool to dance on the sewer cover!
 I took Miranda to a library story time one morning after dropping the big girls at school.  She had fun, I think.  She sat in my lap the entire time, but really watched the ladies reading and singing.  This is her wearing her bug craft.  It also happened to be early voting that day, so since we were there, she got to see me vote too! ;)

Meredith is super cuddly sometimes and since one day I was also super tired, we set the alarm and snuggled/napped in my bedroom.  We had to set the alarm so that we could pick up Mackenzie on time!  This rarely happens (the nap), but it was really nice that day!

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