Wednesday, December 30, 2015

November Miscellaney

It's time for catch up posts for the end of the year! Get ready for lots of posts and LOTS of pictures! ;)

This is Meredith one morning waiting for her bible class teacher!  So cute and fully accessorized!
On that same Sunday, I heard Meredith screaming from the living room and found her chubby puppy toy caught in her hair.  It's legs spin around and she thought it would be fun for it to walk on her head.  As it turns out, it wasn't that fun!  A few snips and the dog was free.  You can't even tell that her hair was cut, so that's a relief!

Meredith drew a picture for her Spanish teacher's birthday. ;)
Miranda was scared for a full week while Brandon's waders hung in the garage.  Every time she saw them she said, "I scared" and ran the other way.
The girls had their combined dentist appointment and did great!  Plus, no cavities for anyone!

I had to take Miranda to the doctor because she was a little sick.  She did not like having her blood drawn and all of the screaming and crying wore her out! Don't you love the tears and drool spots on my shirt?!

Thankfully BOTH big girls promoted in gymnastics.  Here's hoping they always progress at the same time! Ha!

This was Mackenzie's hair for her crazy hair day!

This is after the fun run showing me her 35 laps she ran! ;)
This cute little dress was made for Mackenzie 5 years ago by my Aunt!  Now, all 3 girls have worn it!
And last, but not least, I never thought I'd say, "you can both dance on the sewer cover.  please share!"

Now that we are finished with November, we can have a massive catch up on December and all of it's festivities! ;)

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