Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Meredith's Christmas Program

Meredith's school had their annual Christmas Program a few weeks ago. She was very excited to sing her songs and even received her Santa hat!

Singing the Creation Song...
I'm not sure what song this is... ;)
So, after each age group has sung songs, they all get up there together to sing the Christmas songs.  The first song is Up on the House Top...with hand gestures.  Unfortunately, the boy next to her clapped his hands together for the opening gesture and poked Meredith in the eye. :(
She tried to hold it together and I tried to keep her smiling and singing, but she just had to cry.  I got up front to let her in my lap for a little while.  I was able to convince her to go back on stage to sing Jingle Bells and ring her bells.  This is her after I've calmed her down. Poor, sweet girl.  And the little boy felt bad too.

This is when Santa is walking in and while it looks likes she's super excited, this is actually her wiping her snot! ;)
wiping tears...
And finally, a slight smile. ;)

Her class with Santa...

Her sneaky look while they were taking pictures! ;)

Our only pictures with Santa...

And Miranda visited with her bible class teacher and our good friend, Miss Joyce.

Such a cute morning!  I love this program and next year we'll be taking pictures of Miranda!

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