Friday, December 18, 2015

Mackenzie's Fun Run

Mackenzie's school had their annual Fun Run in November.  It also happened to coincide with Crazy hair day, so you'll see that in every picture! Ha!

First Grade was the last group of the day, so they were all worked up and ready to run!

 Meredith cheered Mackenzie on and insisted on having crazy hair day too!

 She specifically requested 5 pony tails!

Getting ready to start - slow practice lap...
 And then they were off!
It took her a couple of laps to find us, but once she did, she waved every time! ;)

She really enjoyed running with one of her classmates.  They were in Kindergarten too!  Going from 11 Kindergarten classes to 13 first grade classes makes it hard to have the same friends every year, so I'm glad at least one of her friends is in first grade with her.

Poor Miranda...she had maybe a 1 hour nap between swim lessons and the fun run, so she was not happy.  Especially since I wouldn't hold her and made her sit in the stroller the whole time.
 She settled down a little once I held her hand for a while.  It made taking pictures a little more difficult, but whatever stops the meltdown!

Just like last year, Meredith got to run with Mackenzie.  Well, it wasn't a designated lap, but she really wanted to run with her, so I let her join Mackenzie for a few laps. ;)

Here she is coming over to tell me she completed 35 laps!  That's basically 2 miles!  I'm very proud of her!

And finally, I picked up Miranda.  I'm not sure she had forgiven me yet. ;)
Mackenzie even held the class flag for a little while.

After the fun run, we had an hour before school was out, so the little girls and I went to CVS and bought some candy and drinks!  I think that's when Miranda forgave me. ;)

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