Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jingle Bell Walk

On the last day of school before Winter Break, Mackenzie's school walked around part of the neighborhood singing Christmas carols.  Before school that morning, Mackenzie asked me how you become a caroler. ;)  No classes/tests required...just sing!

It was super cold that morning.  At least cold for us southeast Texas girls! Ha!  We sat in the car after we dropped Mackenzie off until it was time for the "Jingle Bell Walk" to start, so we were there when they were lining up.

All bundled up and ready to go!

Apparently, Miranda was that cold!

A little bright!

We watched them walk a little bit down the street and then we walked to the ending location (other side of the school) and waited on the curb.  Meredith was worried about our feet being in the street, but I assured her that are feet wouldn't be run over since the police had blocked off the road. ;)

Miranda refused to wear her coat. :/
Meredith wanted to take a few pictures herself.  Oh, the faces of Meredith!

Three hours later we picked her up from school to start winter break!

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