Thursday, December 17, 2015

Halloween 2015

I have 14 days to wrap up my 2015 posts, so it's finally time for me to post about Halloween! Ha!

The girls are pretty easy going when it comes to Halloween costumes.  Meredith received an "Anna" wig for her birthday, so we bought a matching dress.  While I was shopping on Disney, I bought a minnie mouse costume for Miranda.  Mackenzie originally wanted to be Evie from The Descendants movie, but they were sold out of that costume everywhere.  I picked up 2 costumes at Target for her to chose from at home and she chose the Peacock fairy.  Apparently, she didn't like the mermaid costume because you could see your feet through the tail.  I guess she really wanted to hop around in a mermaid costume! ;)

So, no, they didn't match, but they looked really cute! ;)

Obviously, in these pictures the girls are really enjoying posing for the camera and that is because Brandon was standing behind me dressed like this:

He borrowed the costume from our neighbor and as it turns out it's super hot!  It didn't help that it was a little warm outside anyway.  Miranda wouldn't go near him at first, which is why she's not in the pictures with him.  He took all three trick or treating, so eventually, she walked around with him.

When they all came home, we sat in our driveway passing out candy.  Miranda really enjoyed sneaking lolipops from her loot.

The girls had fun and eventually we went inside for baths and bed since we had church the next day.  Another holiday in the books! ;)

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