Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cookie Exchange

My mom had a cookie exchange earlier this month, so the girls and I made gingerbread cookies by Meredith's request. The girls hated the smell of the cookie dough, especially the molases. I was worried they weren't going to like the cookies, but all three really liked them once they were baked. The evening before the party, I gave them a tree and a girl to decorate each.

I decorated the rest and of course forgot to take any pictures. :(

I, obviously iced Miranda's cookies, but she added the pearls.

No pictures of Meredith's face because she had her shirt off. ;)
Mackenzie's cookies...
Meredith's cookies...
And of course, they got to eat them when they were finished!

There were lots of cookies!

My mom also had several crafts for everyone to do.  Mackenzie and Meredith were very excited about this and did most of the work.

There was a lot of visiting, so at some point, Moshi put on a movie for them in the bedroom.  And the best part, was that we won a prize for best decorated cookie! yay!

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