Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Birthday parties

On a special day in October, Mackenzie attended TWO birthday parties.  Meredith was actually invited to another one, as well, but since it was at Chuckie Cheese, we said no. ;)

The first birthday party was at a new party we had never been to and it was super fun!

The park is called a sensory park, so there are all kinds of activities to do.  Rocks...

A big flat swing...

Another roller slide!

This swing was pretty cool...and it holds a lot of kids! ;)

The second party was a skating party.  I'll admit, I thought it was going to be really bad.  Mackenzie had put on roller skates one time before this in the house.  She had skated the length of the couch, fallen, cried and immediately taken off the skates.  So, much to my surprise, she did awesome and did not cry at all!  By the end, she was skating fairly well. 

We have another skating party this weekend, so maybe she'll be even better by the end of that!

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