Friday, December 18, 2015

Aggie Football Game

In November, we were fortunate enough to be invited to an Aggie Football game and sit in a suite!  I'll be honest, it's going to be hard to ever go to a game again and sit/stand in the regular stands. ;)  It was awesome and the girls really enjoyed it!

We left about mid day and didn't leave the game until 9 or 9:30.  A long day and the girls were great.  It helped that we had a suite with free food, free desserts and an awesome parking space just outside the stadium! Ha!

It all started with Brandon's company annual tailgate at Texas A&M.  Mackenzie and Brandon had gone the last 2 years and Mackenzie had even gone to the game with Brandon last year, but this was Meredith and Miranda's first trip to Aggieland!
Our first stop was the MSC for snacks!
After that we walked to the tailgate at the jobsite.  The girls had fun eating hotdogs, chips and even icecream.  They also played a bean bag toss and with their daddy!

I went to just about every Aggie game when I was college, but I have never seen the Corp of Cadets march into the stadium until this game!  It was really cool...and loud!

We went to our suite really early, but it was still fun!
Look how great our seats are!
There was seating inside as well, although the windows slide open, so really it was all one big space.
 I got a couple of selfies with the little girls.

Miranda entertained herself and others by taking out her pigtails, sticking out her tongue and playing on the rails. ;)

Meredith and Mackenzie got into the cheers and watch the first half of the game pretty well.  Then The Band came on the field!

One of the things they are known for, the intersecting X!  During this part, Mackenzie said, "Wow, that is soooo cool!  How do they do that?"  I was super happy she liked it and appreciated the difficulty.

Again, we had an awesome time and I'm pretty sure it made an impression on Mackenzie because I know she told her bible class teacher the next day and her teachers at school later that week!  Maybe we'll go back again someday.

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