Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone and just like usual, I have no pictures to show for it.  It's because we host Thanksgiving and I just don't have time to pull out my camera.  This year leading up to Thanksgiving was a little crazy.  I had an appointment to have dental work done, but after and hour of sitting there and them checking my blood pressure it was determined that my blood pressure needed to be evaluated by a doctor and they would not proceed with the work.  So, the rest of the week was spent recording my blood pressure 4 times a day until my dr. appointment a week later. 

On that Tuesday, Brandon had lunch with Mackenzie at school and went to her class party.  She was excited to have him there, so that was fun.  On Wednesday evening we all went to church for a singing devotional.  As we were about to leave, a young girl requested to be baptized, so we stayed to watch that and sing a few more songs.  I love watching/sharing a baptism with my girls.  They always watch intently and ask questions.  Makes me so happy.

On Thanksgiving day I didn't even check my BP because deep down I knew it would be high because of the stress of the event.  Thanksgiving isn't really stressful, but I was hosting 10 adults and 5 kids!  I love my family and friends because we all pitch in and bring food for Thanksgiving.  I'm 35 and this was my 5th time to host Thanksgiving and yet, I still haven't EVER roasted a turkey!  And I'm okay with that! Ha!  Anyways, between, me and my other family members we had, turkey, dressing, brocolli and rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn casserole, mac & cheese, fruit salad, pasta salad & bread!  Not to mention appetizers - spinach artichoke bites, summer sausage, cheese and crackers!  There was a LOT of food!

Brandon took the big girls to a movie on Friday morning while Miranda and I were here with the cleaning ladies.  It was super nice to have them here the day after Thanksgiving.  Not only does it force me to wash ALL the dishes and pick up the house, then the entire house is thoroughly clean and it was ready to be decorated for Christmas!  Which is exactly what we did the next day!

Sunday after Thanksgiving, I finally took my BP sitting up and had some scary numbers.  I had been taking my BP lying down because I thought that would be okay since they always did that when I was in the hospital.  Anyways, after seeing the high readings (160's/100's) on Sunday/Monday I really started to worry and didn't want to do anything taxing.  I pretty much sat on the couch and tried to stay as calm as I could with 3 kids.  Thankfully, my doctor's appointment was Tuesday morning and since I had been recording my BP, she was able to give me medicine that day!  I'm happy to say that 2 weeks later, and very low doses of medicine, I'm down to normal blood pressure.  And I'm not sure if it's just coincidental, but I feel like I have more energy.  I know they say BP/heart disease is a silent killer, lack of energy could have been a sign for me.

Anyways, I go back to the doctor next week for a follow up and plan to continue the medicine for as long as I need to.  So, that wasn't all Thanksgiving talk, but it was all about the week of Thanksgiving!

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