Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall visit to Granny & Papa's

A month or so ago, we went to Alvin/Friendswood to visit my family. My indoor girly girls were fascinated by the lizard on the back porch.

Well, I think Meredith liked it.  Maybe. ;)

Miranda thoroughly enjoyed sitting in Granny and Papa's laps.

Of course, the girls insisted Penny come out for a visit.  However they excite her so much that she had to sit in Granny's lap.

Also, per tradition, a boat ride with Captain Papa!

Miranda was cautious at first and sat right next to Granny.

She also said "cows" every time we passed them. ;)

They were all smiles on the boat!

Sweet Mackenzie!

Taking turns being the captain!

They even let Miranda be the captain. ;)

Again, as tradition, we have to feed the fish.

After Granny & Papa's we went to Moshi & Gapa's house.  Gapa made the girls day when he made them a fort behind the couch.

Such a cutie!

Can't wait to visit again!

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