Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bubble baths

I still bathe all 3 girls together in one tub.  Bath time is NOT my favorite, but occasionally I let them have a bubble bath. ;)  I also felt the urge to take pictures of them.  These aren't all of my photos since I'm not going to post improper pictures of my girls.

Miranda likes bubble baths, but her biggest issue is wiping her face or nose with her hands when they are covered in bubbles.  The other night she wiped her mouth and then when she got bubbles in her mouth she stuck out her tongue and continued to wipe her mouth to get the bubbles out, only to wipe more bubbles on her tongue!  Silly girl!

Mackenzie's favorite thing to do is make bubble beards.

And then, her sisters follow suit.

Speaking of putting bubble hands in our mouths, Mackenzie and I thought it was pretty cool to pretend to put her fingers in her mouth and give crazy eyes! Ha!

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