Wednesday, October 21, 2015

September Miscelaney

I'm slowly catching up with my blog posts, but wanted to make a catch all post with some miscellaneous photos from September.


I'm pretty sure she's too big for her old car seat!  They were all being silly one day and switching car seats.  Mackenzie and Meredith's seats are virtually the same, so the only fun in switching is sitting in Miranda's seat.
Cutie before school - she loves first grade and her teachers.  She's growing her hair out to donate to kids who need wigs.  She probably has at least 4 or 5 more inches to go since she wants to cut it shoulder length when it's long enough.  She has 2 pairs of tennis shoes this school year, so she switches out a week at a time of wearing them.  The other pair is pink and would actually match her outfit in this picture, but since it was a "purple week", she wore her purple shoes. 

Silly girl still loves to color with sidewalk chalk.  More importantly, she likes to color HERSELF with chalk!

She likes gymnastics, but I don't think she's that confident in herself, so she gives up easily and asks for help.  She's still doing better than I would have at her age!

She's also still taking swim lessons and doing better.  She had her "downhill" moment in August/September when she was panicking and thinking she couldn't swim, but she's going uphill again and improving.  Like her teacher said, you never know with her - some classes she's awesome and some classes she's struggling.  On a particularly good day a few weeks ago, she told her teacher "I was freaking out because...."  I don't remember the reason, but at least she realized she was freaking out. ;)

She's struggling with school this year.  She was super excited to go back, but she's gotten clingy again and says she's going to miss me every morning before school and starts crying.  One morning I had to leave her crying (almost screaming), so I tell her every school day that she can either be dropped off at school crying or happy, but I'm dropping her off no matter what.  I can usually change her attitude by the time we get there, but crying is still involved at home.  Yesterday we told her that this is her last year she'll be going to school by herself and that seemed to help.

We haven't see rain in a while, but the day in September when it drizzled, she was sure to wear her rain coat!
Also, Meredith still loves all things kitten related.  She was excited about this outfit - kitty ears, kitty shirt, kitty skirt and shhh....kitty underwear! ;)

She's in a big bed!  It's a little taller than we thought it would be, but she loves it.  She sleeps with pretty much all of her stuffed animals and SIX baby dolls, but she sleeps through the night and doesn't get out of bed until I come get her, so that's fine with me!

Swim lessons - not a fan, but still does well.  The lollipop reward is a constant reminder! ;)

She loves shoes and left the house one day with two left feet!  Different shoes, different sizes, but apparently they both fit her! ;)  The picture on the right is when she had a fever after their birthday party.  We went to the HEB clinic like this. ;)

She can be sweet and cute one minute to completely shy the next.  The picture on the right is how she sat for an entire meal when I met my friend for lunch one day.  She did not want to sit with us at the table, so she sat for an hour (at least) on the floor.  Thank goodness it was an early lunch and the floors were clean! ;)

That's a wrap for September, with the exception of homeschool activities which I'll blog about soon, I think. ;)

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