Thursday, October 1, 2015

Noah's Ark - 2015, Vol 2

During the last week of summer, we went to our favorite place - Noah's Ark Pool.  We got off to a bad start and I almost left with the girls after 20 minutes!  Meredith was in a funk for some reason and then flipped out about seeing a bug.  She is so scared of bugs and it really doesn't matter if its a mosquito or fly.  She's afraid of ALL BUGS.    We got there a few minutes late and then it took a little bit to put sunscreen on, so by the time they could play it was probably 10:30.  Meredith was crying because she didn't want to swim because of the bugs and Mackenzie was crying because she was bored.  Lovely.  This was very exciting for me since this was going to be the site of their birthday party in 3 weeks.  "I'm so glad you hate this place, now." :(

After 30 minutes of holding Miranda, hearing Meredith cry and Mackenzie pout, I was ready to call it quits.  Luckily, the pizza had arrived so we all ate lunch (we had met our friends there).  My friend came to my rescue when she offered to go in the big swimming pool with the girls after lunch.  I had only worn my swim top, so I couldn't get in the pool.  I walked out to my car to get the floats for the little girls and they went swimming with Mindy as I sat at the stairs watching them.

From then on, everything was great.  Mackenzie and her friend swam around together while Meredith and her friend swam together.  Miranda loved swimming around with her float, too!

All of the big girls even got on the big floating crocodile!  Such sweet friends and so close in age - 3, almost 6, almost 7, almost 4!  FUN!
After 1 1/2 hours or so, we finally headed home where Miranda couldn't even finish off the traditional bag of cookies we eat on the way home! ;)

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