Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mackenzie's Hair

For the first 2 weeks of school, Mackenzie let me fix her hair.  She actually made a list of the hair styles on what particular day of school!

This was a PE day to keep it out of her face and off of her neck.

This was the first day of school with a french braid.  I had to practice that the night before since I haven't done many french braids. ;)
Your basic pig tails.
Elsa and Anna braids...

Throwback to the 80's with a side pony tail!
And then on the 2nd Friday, she only wanted a headband.  Since then, she has only had her hair fixed a few times for picture day and a couple of PE days.
I'm not sure why it sort of bothers me that they don't want their hair fixed when I don't really fix my hair.  I wear my hair down a lot or just a little pulled back in a small clip.  I guess if that's their example, then that's what they'll do. ;)

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