Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mackenzie's 7th birthday

The second half of September was a month of illness for the girls and I still feel like I'm playing catch up in ALL areas of my life, especially my blog!  So, even though Mackenzie turned SEVEN 27 days ago, I'm still blogging about it!

Our crossing guards are the best and when Ms. Laura found out it was Mackenzie's birthday, she made Mackenzie a chalk sign that afternoon!
She was writing when I walked by the first time, so I was sure to hang back until most of the kids had past, so that Mackenzie could see the entire sign (and not hold up the line!).

Right after school, we went to our cupcake place and then came home to open her small gift - Shopkins! ;)

After dinner, we ate our delicious cupcakes!  I know Mackenzie's eyes are closed in one of the pictures, but she's just so happy! ;)

 Meredith wanted me to take a picture of her and her cupcake!
Thankfully, Miranda didn't care that she got a little cupcake with frosting hanging off! ;)

Mackenzie is such an awesome girl!  She's smart, funny, kind and still likes to snuggle.  She loves school, gymnastics and anything crafty.  As with every year, I loved age 6 and I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

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