Friday, October 2, 2015

Inflatable Water Slides!

The girls each received a small gift from me and Brandon on their actual birthday, but they received their big, combined birthday gift on Meredith's birthday.  A friend of ours had a water slide that Mackenzie loved this summer, so we decided our girls would probably like it too. 

Yep!  It was a hit!

Miranda couldn't climb up to the slides, but she enjoyed the lower part since it filled up with water and made a baby pool for her.

Mackenzie likes to slide down the part that is NOT a slide. ;)

Miranda was pretty cautious at first, but eventually ventured up to the big step and even tried to climb up. ;)

Mackenzie had fun tricking Meredith and telling her she wouldn't dump the water bucket on her until she did.

Ummm...I don't think that's going to work.
Meredith was the first to be more adventurous and go down the slide head first.  Mackenzie was going to do it a couple of times, but her fears got the best of her and she couldn't follow through.

And then at some point, Mackenzie decided to pout a little bit.  Since there were two slides, I guess it doesn't matter if you sit at the top of one and pout.

I don't remember what the problem was, but clearly, it was a pretty good pout.

Finally, we (Brandon) thought it would be a good idea to help Miranda enjoy the slides. ;)

All 3 having fun!

Also, we added the little plastic slide for added fun!
Mackenzie looks soooo big on this little slide! ;)

It was a great morning and the girls probably would have spent more time out there, but it was lunch time, so we went inside.  Maybe we'll pull it out again soon on a free Saturday.

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