Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 Birthday Bash

This year's birthday bash was the easiest and most relaxing I have ever put together!  AND it was for all three girls at once!  We rented out the girls favorite small water place and invited all of our friends!  It was perfect!  Not only was the weather beautiful, we had the place all to ourselves and everyone pretty much knew everyone else, so we all had fun!

 Waiting for the pool to open!

Let the fun begin!

Everyone loves the slides, especially when you get to go down with your friends!

Even Mackenzie's friends went down with Meredith!  They are ALL such sweet kids!

Meredith had to pout for a little bit, because that's just what she does...
...but she got over it! ;)

I don't have too many pictures of Miranda because I was holding her for most of the 2 hours we were there! Ha!  In her defense, she was apparently getting sick and we just didn't know it.  She developed a fever that night that lasted for about 36 hours.

We kept it simple with donuts and fruit!  The girls had birthday donuts with candles while we sang Happy Birthday.  Thank you to my step sister for taking pictures! ;)

So serious!
 And here's the video of them blowing out their candles!

Mackenzie is already requesting an art party for next year, so I guess it they won't all be as easy as this one was!  Oh well, at least I had one! ;)

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