Friday, September 11, 2015

The girls love to dance!

The girls have always loved to dance in the living room.  We moved the coffee table out of the living room when Meredith was a baby and kept it out once Miranda was born.  Now, I don't think we'll ever move it back in to the living room because the girls love to dance, do gymnastics and play in the large living room open space.

Meredith is really emotional and reaches a variety of emotions throughout the day - but this smiley face is my favorite!

Mackenzie was a little cranky to begin with - she didn't want her picture taken and didn't really want to dance.  But, Meredith convinced her! ;)

If I point my camera at Miranda, she does this smile with her eyes squinted.
But, I guess it could be worse, she could do this! ;)
Spinning is so much fun!

It looks likes she's crying, but she's just laughing and/or a good way.

I love my new camera that I can get fairly crisp picture of them spinning and twirling inside!  They had so much fun!

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