Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tea Party!

I mentioned having a tea party in my summer recap post, but I wanted it to have its own post, so here it goes.  We went to our friends house right after swim lessons (hence the hair) for tea/juice and a bunch of great snacks.

Such sweet friends!  They have known each other their entire lives!  And just like their moms, they can pick back up in conversations/play times whether it's been a few days, a few weeks or even a few months!
 Same picture, but I couldn't resist doing it in black and white. ;)

"Would you like some tea?"
"Yes, please."

Meredith loved the fruit punch!

I'm pretty sure Teresa and I ate almost the entire plate of pigs and a blanket! Ha!  The girls devoured the green candy chocolates.

Teresa even fixed Miranda a small plastic cup and had a booster seat ready for her!  Miranda LOVED the apple juice.  My girls don't get juice a lot, so they were thrilled to refill their cups over and over again.

Tea with sugar...
and cakes with sugar!

I don't recall what was so funny, but I love this picture - proof she was enjoying herself!

Pouring her own "tea".
Afterwards the girls all played together, including playing in the music room complete with a real microphone!  That was fun and LOUD! ;)  It was a great end to our summer!

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