Thursday, September 17, 2015


I miss summer!  I don't miss the heat, but I miss swimming, going places with my girls and the fact that NO ONE GETS SICK!  I'm pretty lucky in that my girls don't sick too often - about twice a year, but I HATE when they are sick!

After bible class Sunday morning, Mackenzie said she was cold.  I felt her head (because that's what I do when my kids say they are cold) and she was fairly warm.  So, we packed up our stuff and left before church had even started. :(  We went straight to the clinic at HEB where the strep test came back positive.  She took her first dose right away and then she and I spent some quality time in the guest bedroom. ;)  I did get to clean up throw up from the carpet later that evening when her fever spiked.  That was lots of fun.  So, Sunday night, Miranda slept in her own bed, Mackenzie and I slept in the guest bedroom and Meredith slept with Brandon because she didn't want to sleep by herself.

Monday, Mackenzie still had a fever because the amoxicillin was apparently taking its sweet little time to work.  In the mean time, I washed EIGHT loads of laundry (clothes, towels, sheets, duvets) and folded even more than that since I had clean laundry already in baskets.  I cloroxed/lysoled door knobs, counters, beds, dressers, anything and everything, emptied the dishwasher, washed dishes and ironed for a good 2 hours!  I was feeling pretty good about everything except Mackenzie's little fever that could.

Then, about 6pm, Meredith woke up from a random nap with a FEVER! Plus, Miranda's tummy troubles returned.  After battling Meredith to take medicine twice and changing at least 4 diapers, I was ready for bed at 8!  The good news is that since both big girls were sick, they could now sleep in the same room.  Bad news (besides being sick) is that I get to wash the bedding again!

Tuesday morning, Meredith woke up at 5 to use the restroom.  I was actually a few minutes from waking up to check on her fever and give her medicine.  Unfortunately, her fever spiked and she threw up on the bathroom floor.  I'm not grateful for the throw up, but I'm thankful for tile floors!  She took her medicine much better since she didn't want to throw up again.  We went to the doctor later that morning for Meredith and Miranda.  We "know" they have viruses.  And we "know" because they drew blood...on both of them.  It was a FUN morning. ;)  They gave Meredith antibiotics because she did have a fever and was exposed to strep even though her strep test came back negative.  The doctor said she'll take the meds for at leat 5 days until the culture comes back and then depending on the results, we'll either finish or stop the meds.  Thank goodness for the Sonic near the doctor's office, because we all got milkshakes - except for Miranda since I learned that milk exasperates her diaper troubles.  Meredith did well the rest of the day but threw up just a little bit that evening, just after taking her medicine.  Since I wasn't sure she got enough motrin to help with her fever, I set my phone alarm to wake me up every 3 hours to give her medicine.  That was a fun night!

Oh wait...I'm not finished!  Yesterday morning, we got up, everyone ate breakfast and we loaded up in the car to take Mackenzie to school.  I had just buckled Miranda when this happened:

Meredith: did you bring the throw up bucket? 
Me: No, I'll go get it.  Do you feel sick?
Meredith: yes

I got her out of the car and told her to walk to the driveway.  As I put my keys in the house door to go back for the bucket, she threw up all over the garage floor.  I probably wasn't the most comforting, because as she's throwing up, I'm looking for my phone so I can call my friend to see if she'll take Mackenzie to school.  Once that was settled, everyone got out of the car and I hosed down the garage while my friend picked up Mackenzie.  Did I mention this was all before 8am?!?  That was the worst of it and Meredith was better and held down food all day.  She threw up water last night because she got so worked up about taking medicine.  Luckily, she calmed down and kept the medicine down. She woke up fever free, so thankfully we are good to go for the girls birthday party on Saturday!

I did not feel well yesterday, but I think that was because I was just so tired from caring for the girls and the little sleep from the night before.  Last night I was asleep by 8:30 and I think I woke up once in the 9 1/2 hours I slept before my alarm went off.  I could have slept a lot longer if I hadn't been a school day!  However, I woke up feeling much more refreshed.  Mackenzie's at school and the little girls and I are hanging out while the cleaning ladies clean our house.  I've stripped all the beds and am on the 3rd of probably 8 loads of laundry I'll do today.  These germs WILL LEAVE our house! ;)  Hopefully, tonight I can get another good night of sleep and I can focus on the party and get all the last minute details finished.  I'm counting this as our second illness for 2015, so here's hoping we are done and I don't have to go back to the doctor until 2016! Ha!

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