Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meredith's 4th Birthday

Like I said in Miranda's birthday post, we celebrated each of the girls birthdays on their birthday.  They each got a little gift from me and Brandon too.  Since we had cupcakes three days before on Miranda's birthday and we were having cupcakes the next day with my parents, we had a birthday donut for Meredith's actual birthday.   The candle is huge, I know!

The next day, my parents met us for lunch and then came to the house to celebrate Meredith and Miranda.  Mackenzie even received a few books and clearly, she's super excited! ;)
Miranda checking out her card and gift from Moshi.
A new headband!  And it matches perfectly!

Showing off their new gifts!

 I'm not sure what these faces are about, but they're cute.

 "Happy Birthday to You!"
It was a fun afternoon and I like these small celebrations just as much as the big birthday bashes.  Two birthdays down, only one more to go (at least on the blog)! ;)

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