Friday, September 25, 2015

Frist Day of School!

I think today is the last day of the 5th week of school, so I thought it would be good to finally blog about the first day of school!  I'm only 35 days late - ha!

Just like last year, Mackenzie chose to wear one of her school spirit shirts for the first day.

Mackenzie cried several times in August whenever she would think about having to go back to school, but on the actual first day of school she didn't cry at all.  I was ok until I took her picture with her teacher and then I started to cry, so since she was already settled at her desk, I quickly hugged her and said goodbye so that she wouldn't see my tears. 

Later she told me that she almost cried when I left, but then didn't.  So, it took 4 full weeks for the tears to stop last year and this year we had none!  YAY!

I made signs for all three girls because I did home preschool with Meredith and Miranda while Mackenzie was at school.  Eventually, I'll blog about that! ;)


So far, all of the girls have had a great school year.  Mackenzie is doing awesome in first grade, Meredith is loving preschool at home and away from home and Miranda is also having fun with our home preschool!  Maybe I'll be able to catch up on some blog posts to show what we've been doing these past 5 weeks!

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