Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Birthdays and Stats

Now that all of the girls have had their yearly check ups, I thought I'd post their updated stats.  Plus their doctor visits brought some fun stories! Ha!

Miranda, 2 years:
Weight - 25lbs 12 oz (38th percentile)
Height - 33.5" (50th percentile)
BMI - 16.13 kg/m2 (42nd percentile)

Miranda did great with the doctor until Dr. Rachel wanted her to open her mouth.  Then, she pursed her lips and turned away.  This required her to be laid down, which she didn't like at all and so the crying began.  Two minutes later, she was great because her check up was mostly finished.  She only had one shot - the flu shot and I had her go last because I knew she would require me to hold her after the shot. :/

Meredith, 4 years:
Weight - 43lbs (92nd percentile)
Height - 3'-7" (97th percentile)
BMI - 16.36 kg/m2 (78th percentile)

I had warned Meredith that she would have shots, but I wasn't sure how many.  This was true, however after her check up she started crying and asking how many shots she would get "one or two?"  I made a sad face and held up 4 fingers and the sobbing began!  This continued for a few minutes and the nurse even poked her head in to ask if she would need help. ;)  I had to hold her down and as I hugged her, they gave her a shot which caused her to scream into my ear.  That was super fun!  She was finished and was surprised to see only 2 bandaids.  She whined until we got in the car, but in general was fine.

Mackenzie, 7 years:
Weight - 51lbs (55th percentile)
Height - 4' -3/4" (66th percentile)
BMI - 15.15 kg/m2 (43rd percentile)

I separated the girls' appointments this year, so Mackenzie had an appointment just for her even though all 4 of us were in the room.  She was great and talked directly to the nurse and doctor, answering their questions and letting them examine her.  All was going well until Dr. Rachel said "flu shot".  Mackenzie knew she was getting one, but she could only stay brave for so long.  Once the nurse returned, here's the conversation.  Keep in mind, Mackenzie is crying loudly throughout the entire conversation.

Nurse:  Ok, its just one shot and it will be super quick.  Can you lay down?
Mackenzie: No, I don't want to get a shot!
Nurse:  How about if I give you stickers when we are all finished?
Mackenzie: Ok, how many?
Nurse: How many do you want.
Mackenzie: Ummm...
Nurse, How about 4?  I'm just going to clean your leg first.  Lay down and let your mom hug you.
Mackenzie:  Ok! But just clean my leg ONLY!  YOU HAVE TO WARN ME BEFORE YOU GIVE ME THE SHOT!
Nurse:  Ok, here we go, 1...
Mackenzie: NO!  Can we count to 10?
Nurse: Yes
Mackenzie: NO!  Can we count to 20?  I promise I'll let you give me a shot, just count to 20!
Nurse: Ok, but we've already counted to 10, so 11...12...

She proceeded to count to 20 with Mackenzie while I stood there laughing silently while hugging Mackenzie.  Mackenzie got her shot and then was able to get down and get her 4 stickers.  Meredith and Miranda followed her and got 2 stickers each. ;)

So, with 3 well checks and 4 sick visits in 3 weeks, I'm over going to the doctor.  The great thing about their birthdays being close, is that I don't have to do this again for another year.  Also, next year is a super easy year with only 1 flu shot for each girl and no vaccinations!  YAY!

On a side note, Miranda is the exact same height Mackenzie was at age 2 and only about 6 oz lighter. ;)  Meredith on the other hand, is 1" shorter and 3 pounds more than Mackenzie was at age 5!  It's fun to watch them grow.

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