Friday, September 4, 2015

2015 Summer Recap: Week 10

We had a pretty busy week this week - just like we like it!

We met some friends at our local pottery painting place so the girls could create new masterpieces!

Meredith chose a unicorn this time around and as usual, it was VERY colorful!  Mackenzie chose a ladybug, however she moved past her "all yellow with polka dots" that her last two masterpieces were painted. Yay!

They were all so proud of their artwork!  And us mommas already have a ladies night planned next month so we can paint our own stuff! 

Miranda even got in on the action this year!  As we were picking out our pottery, we came across the sock monkey.  Miranda instantly started saying monkey and would not let me put it down, so we painted a monkey.  Since we collect monkeys for her, this will be perfect for her collection! yay!

We caught a dollar movie.  Even though we actually own the movie on Amazon, we went for the popcorn and movie theater experience! ;)

This trip made us realize how much we like our newer theater that is a little further away.  Now we know!

One day the girls decide they wanted to help me with a lot my kitchen/household chores.  They were great and I wish they wanted to do that more often.  It takes a little more time, since you have to explain and watch over them, but that time with them was great.  They washed grapes, blueberries & potatoes.  And also vacuumed under the table.  I feel like they did a little more, but since this happened 4 weeks ago, I've forgotten!

Of course, we had to go swimming one more time and Mackenzie and I had our mother/daughter date to get mani/pedis.
When we came home, Brandon had painted Meredith and Miranda's toes and they were quick to show us how pretty their toes looked!  I'm pretty sure that was Brandon's first time to ever paint nails! A perfect girls' dad!

Summer recaps are almost over - only one more week! :(

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