Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 Summer Recap: LAST WEEK!

I can't believe I'm recapping the last week of summer!  It went by way too fast!  Although since we just finished the 3rd week of school, I'd say the school year is already going by way too fast! ;)

We started the week with another trip to the Museum of Natural Science.  This time, it was just me and the girls and we had plenty of time, so we saw everything!

The next day we went to another favorite - Noah's Ark Pool!  They insisted on swimming in the big pool this time.
Our tradition is eating chocolate chip cookies on the way home, but I guess, Miranda was just too tired for cookies!

Wednesday we had a playdate at our house.  Thursday we ventured out in the rain to our "new" 5 Below store.  The girls picked out some toys and used their spending money.

Friday was our last swim lesson of the summer, followed by a "tea party" at our friends' house.  So much fun!

And finally, Saturday we met friends at the bowling alley. I don't have any photos from the bowling alley, but the girls had fun!

It was a great summer and I think we did almost everything the girls wanted to do.  The only 2 things we didn't do were make popsicles and homemade fruit snacks.  Thankfully, we can do that anytime, so maybe that becomes a fun, fall activity!

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