Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meredith's 4th Birthday

Like I said in Miranda's birthday post, we celebrated each of the girls birthdays on their birthday.  They each got a little gift from me and Brandon too.  Since we had cupcakes three days before on Miranda's birthday and we were having cupcakes the next day with my parents, we had a birthday donut for Meredith's actual birthday.   The candle is huge, I know!

The next day, my parents met us for lunch and then came to the house to celebrate Meredith and Miranda.  Mackenzie even received a few books and clearly, she's super excited! ;)
Miranda checking out her card and gift from Moshi.
A new headband!  And it matches perfectly!

Showing off their new gifts!

 I'm not sure what these faces are about, but they're cute.

 "Happy Birthday to You!"
It was a fun afternoon and I like these small celebrations just as much as the big birthday bashes.  Two birthdays down, only one more to go (at least on the blog)! ;)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Museum of Natural Science

FYI, this is probably going to be a long post.

Towards the end of the summer I bought a membership to the Museum of Natural Science.  We spent about an hour walking through the museum the day we went to the Butterfly Center and since the girls enjoyed it so much, I decided we would go back before summer was over.  So, on the last Monday of summer, the girls and I headed to the Museum.  It was just us and we had not timeline, which meant we could take as much time as wanted too...and we did!  We got there just before they opened and it was surprisingly comfortable outside, which is unusual for August!

We tried to take pictures at each compass point on the sundial. 

See it was almost 9am! ;)

They showed a moment of love and sweetness.  Actually, I should say MIRANDA showed a moment of love and sweetness.  Mackenzie and Meredith would love to snuggle with her more in photos and she hates it.  On this morning, she tolerated it. ;)
sort of...
Mackenzie was so excited that Miranda wanted to hold her hand! ;)

They went straight for the shark diving cage - their favorite!
Then, the dinosaurs!  I didn't even take the stroller this time, so Miranda really enjoyed looking at the exhibits.  I have no idea what the names of the dinosaurs are, but I love the pictures I took. Ha!

So big!

"I like this one!"  "Wait, don't try to touch it!" ;)
I have no idea what the pose is all about.
"Please stand normal."
"Please stand normal.  Nevermind."

The jewels room is still my favorite.  "My" amethyst necklace was still there.  It's waiting for me to bring it home. ;)  Meredith liked looking at the jewels too.

After the jewels, Miranda found the only fish tank and would not leave it.  I finally had to take a picture of the fish and let her hold my phone so we could move on and look at other exhibits!

We weren't so sure about some of the African animals exhibit.  Did we really need to see the half eaten zebra leg or the animal who accidentally hanged himself in the tree?!

They really enjoyed watching and listening to the robotic woodpecker in the Texas Wildlife exhibit.

Egypt was fun, but only two pictures!  The girls learned that "mummies" are real, but they don't get up and walk around like the cartoons. 
Mackenzie was also interested in the hieroglyphics.  I don't think I have any of my old stuff from elementary GT classes, but I did take a class on Egyptian history where we got to draw hieroglyphics.  I love when she's interested in the same things I am. ;)
We moved on pretty quickly from this area, because Meredith had no interest in the sarcophagi.

They did have fun with the American Indian Exhibit!  Their silliness really came out with these exhibits.  Luckily it was still pretty early and not very crowded.

Mackenzie pretending to sleep in the teepee.
Mackenzie is "warming her hands by the fire", while Meredith is "climbing the ladder."  This is all their own ideas - I was just there taking pictures! ;)
A better angle for the ladder.
And then they switched places.

Mackenzie thought it was so funny to pretend to touch the totem. ;)
This made me laugh when I saw what they were doing.  We were supposed to be learning about the Mayans or something else, but my girls are making shadow puppets!
It's a good thing they clean the glass every day. ;)

We had one more stint at the shark cage before eating lunch. I told you it was their favorite!
"Get me out of here!"

After lunch, it was still kind of nice outside, so we explored a little bit.  Mackenzie controlled the spin of the Earth. ;)

We walked across the street to the Sam Houston statue.

And walked a little further to the fountain.

Mackenzie was super excited (and silly) to be up on the side of the fountain.  Two years ago, she wouldn't have gone near this because it's about 6 feet off the ground (where she's standing).  But she loved it and I had to ask several times for her to get down!

Like I said, 2 years ago Mackenzie would have looked like this...
Meredith really wanted to be brave, but she was so scared.  ;)  She asked to get down pretty quickly.

Shortly after this, the clouds cleared and the heat showed up. :(  We headed home, but stopped at my old office for a visit.  It had been 2 years since I had last seen them, so it was great to catch up.  It was such a fun day and I can't wait to go back with the girls!

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