Monday, August 10, 2015

VBS - memorial

Summer has been keeping me so busy, I've been to tired to blog!  We went to another Vacation Bible School in July and the girls loved it!
Miranda even went to class on her own!  I stayed the first night for a little bit, but then left her with the class.  She cried for a little bit, but then was ok for the remainder of the night.  They told me she didn't want to get out of her chair after they had bible class, so she was still sitting in her chair when I picked her up!  The following two nights I was able to drop her off without having to stay.  Again, she cried with each drop off, but I stayed with in ear shot for about 5 minutes and she settled down just fine! ;)
 After bible classes, we all headed into the auditorium for singing and the play.  Mackenzie stayed with her class, but Meredith, Miranda and I sat together.  Miranda did pretty well during the plays considering they started after her bed time on 2 of the nights!

The theme was the life of Jesus, so on the second night we saw the man who played Jesus in the parking lot (he was parked next to us).  Meredith said, "I want to see Jesus!" ;)  I told the man that he would forever be known as Jesus to the kids and his son was quick to explain/yell "He's NOT Jesus!  He's just my dad!" okie dokie.  Got it.

Before VBS one night, we headed to Whataburger for dinner.  The girls were feeling super silly!

As much as I might try to complain about not getting a decent picture of all 3 girls, I truly love pictures like these!  Mouth full of food and everything! ;)
"Mackenzie, close your mouth."
"Meredith, open your eyes."
"Meredith, don't worry about the fly.  It's not going to hurt you!"
2 out of 3 looking at the camera, but at least all 3 are smiling!
And once we got the church parking lot there was even more craziness!
Switching car seats!
We skipped the very last night of VBS because we were so tired.  3 nights of being out past bedtime was too much for us.  Instead, we bought some cupcakes and went to bed on time!  Until next year!

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