Sunday, August 23, 2015


Mackenzie starts first grade in TOMORROW!  She cried last night saying she was going to miss us during the day.  We reminded her that she cried on the last day of school because she wasn't ready for summer and that everything would be ok.  We've met her teachers and she is excited about going to school, but transitions are hard. :(  She told me a month ago that she wasn't going to cry on the first day of school because she'll know so many other kids this year.  I told her that was a good goal, but it would still be ok if she cried.  I didn't want her to be worried about not doing exactly as she planned.  After 11 weeks together 24/7, I'm sure we will all feel a little different this next week as we get used to the new schedule. 

Luckily, Mackenzie does have 3 friends in her class that she knew last year.  Her school is so big (13 first grade classes) that its difficult to get a lot of your previous friends in the new class.  One of them is a little girl and Mackenzie is really excited about that even though they aren't at the same table/desk group.  I'm really excited to see what first grade is all about.  It's her first year with actual grades and real homework and the nerd in me can't wait!  Kindergarten was great and Mackenzie learned A LOT, but I rarely got to see her progress and the report cards were just checks and "S" for satisfactory.  Her school app already has the subjects and teachers listed so that we can see assignments and grades as they happen rather than just at the report cards! ;)  I guess Brandon and I have 9 weeks to figure out what we are going to do for report card rewards.  I got paid for good grades, but I actually don't know what Brandon's parents' did or what he's thinking we'll do.  Again, we have some time. ;)

Mackenzie will also have a Challenge Day (Gifted and Talented) once a week where she will have a separate class all day with other GT first graders.  That's another part of school that I'm excited and nervous about.  I have no idea what kind of homework and projects are involved with that or what exactly happens when Mackenzie misses every Friday of her regular classes.  Time will only tell.

I'm planning to start our home preschool with Meredith and Miranda on Monday too.  It should be a fun year and I'm looking forward to working with them and doing much more than we did last year!  I've been prepping the little girls lessons for the last month and am ready to jump in!  Hopefully, I can keep up with the blogging to document what all we learn.  They will be doing some of the same activities, especially the art and hands on activities, but obviously the writing and memory verse stuff will be different for each girl.  We'll use these next two weeks before Meredith goes to preschool away from home to adjust to our new school schedule.

Now to move on to school prep!  Wish us luck tomorrow!

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