Monday, August 3, 2015

No internet!

Our phone and internet have just been fixed after having nothing for 4 full days!  Apparently our neighbors behind us had cut the phone line while installing sprinklers in their back yard.  There must have been a ton of service calls waiting because even though we called for service on Thursday afternoon and they work 7 days a week, we did not get on the docket until today!  It might have helped that we called EVERY day that we were without service! ;)

We were still able to use our cell phones, but it's a little difficult to look up flights (future vacation) and other information on a small screen.  We are also used to streaming Netflix and Amazon, so that was a little rough.  I actually woke up early this morning with the intent of working out, but the thought of walking/running on the treadmill without watching Friends was not appealing at ALL! ;)  Basically, that was just my excuse to stay in bed a little longer. :)  Now that we have internet back, Mackenzie is watching My Little Pony on Netflix, Meredith is watching youtube videos on an ipad and I'm on my laptop blogging!  Can you tell we missed our beloved internet access?

Anyways, just thought I'd explain my absence for a little while and my total excitement that we have access again! Ha!

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