Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Miranda is 2!!!!!

2 years ago was a crazy time for us, but I am so thankful that it brought little Miranda into our lives!  She has quite the personality - at home.  Most people think she's very quiet and calm, but that is just for show when she's around other people! Ha!

At home she's talkative, laughs, fights with her sisters, throw fits and shows every extreme of emotions!

She's an independent eater and wants to do all by herself!

She likes to do what ever her sisters are doing...

 Unless of course, she could care less about what's going on! Ha! ;)

She gets in troubles and follows through with discipline...sort of. (she's supposed to be in the corner!)

Again, with the all by herself - even painting!

She loves gymnastics and is becoming more adventurous!

She's also a teenager that doesn't want their picture taken! ;)
And of course - she LOVES to have fun!  This is a smile that not everyone gets to see!  Now everyone knows she really does smile! ;)


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