Thursday, August 13, 2015

Giggles & Fun - 2015

Back in July, we went to Giggles & Fun.  We went last summer and the girls insisted we go back this summer!  We met some of our friends there, so it made it even more fun!  Miranda liked the dress up for a little bit.

Mackenzie's favorite was the "space" play area.  Her and her friend found the costumes first and went "exploring"! ;)

Even Miranda went to space!
Later, Meredith was able to explore in the space suit.

Another favorite are the riding horses.
Helping her little sister!  So sweet!

The big girls wanted to make their horses hug.

I always liked the "grocery store" at the children's museum and this is very similar (on a smaller scale).  The girls still love it and of course, love to be the cashier!

Other miscellaney fun include driving this weird car...

Stacking and "cooking" blocks...

Cramming into a small reading "treehouse"...

and playing with golf balls!

Miranda didn't really care for this inch worm, but I did manage to get a couple of pictures!

Meredith is insisting we go back very soon.  I imagine its going to be a birthday visit.  It's a little pricy, so I don't really want to go very often, but the girls like it.  Surely I can handle a few more times over the next 5 years since you have to be 6 and under to play.

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