Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friend playdates

We've had several playdates this summer, but I've only taken pictures of a couple.  For one of them, we had a 9 month old baby join our group. ;)  Mackenzie was very interested in playing with the baby, since she didn't have a friend her age at the time.  She kept bringing her toys to play with.
Miranda wasn't too sure about the baby.  She laid in front of her and stared at her for a while.
 Then, I realize she was slowly taking her toys back! Ha! ;)

With 6 girls under 6, silliness ensued!

Meredith can be fairly cranky and shows her age often, but I LOVE it when she smiles!

A few weeks ago we went to one Mackenzie's school friends house.  Thankfully, all 4 of us were invited and the little girls loved playing with the big girls. 

Miranda liked the doll toys! ;)
I think Miranda probably had the most fun or maybe she's just the only one I took pictures of! ;)

I think Miranda needs this horse for Halloween or just dress up!  She loved it and looks so cute!

It's kind of nice that I'm behind in blogging.  Now I can reminisce about our summer since we are already back in the swing of our school schedule.

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