Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Butterflies and a Museum!

In my summer recap post I mentioned our trip to the Museum of Natural Science, but I felt it needed its own post!  The scheduled playdate was to meet at the butterfly center, but I thought the girls might like to see the rest of the museum, so we went early (even meeting another friend) and took a quick trip around the other exhibits.

Checking out the pendulum.
They loved all of the large screens.  Go figure!
Then it was time to see some dinosaurs!

I laughed when time and again, the kids were drawn to the "TV" screens while there are dinosaur fossils all around them! ;)

However they really did like seeing all of the fossils.

This shark/whale/fish mouth was huge!

And then at some point they realized all the screens/pictures related to the fossil exhibits!

I thought the trees were really cool!

The kids thought the shark diving cage was the best!  It's hard to see, but they had sharks "swimming" on the screen in front of them and they had fun pretending to swim away from the sharks.

That's a big squid and clam!

Up to this point the kids (3 girls, 2 boys) had been running around saying "ooh, look at this", but when we walked into the precious gem collection and especially the vault, they calmed down and looked quietly.  I think the lighting definitely helped slow them down.  They liked looking at the jewelry, but apparently the darkness "hurt their eyes", so we walked out.  ;)
Finally it was time to meet another friend at the Butterfly Center!
The two that aren't smiling, rarely smile for group pictures! Ha!

I don't know what we saw in this tank, but it was probably something gross! Ha!  this part of the exhibit had roaches, spiders and other insects.  Not really my thing. ;)

Miranda and a friend decided to take a science quiz.  ;)  We laughed when they actually answered a question right.
The butterfly chrysalis' are always interesting.
Some of the them had just opened and their wings were still wrinkly.  So cool!
Searching for butterflies!
This is a moth because its wings are laying flat while it is at rest.  Butterflies keep their wings up when they are resting. 

No butterfly, but I love the flower!

This is one of my favorites!

Meredith did fairly well outside with bugs and other flying bugs, but I think she preferred these butterflies! Ha!
Meredith and her friend sorted some blocks...

...and as soon they were finished, Miranda ran over to do her own sorting!

Like the dinosaur bones vs. tv screens, the kids seemed to like this play area more than the actual butterflies! 

The museum was pretty crowded once we finished the butterflies, so we had to sit on the floor for lunch.  It reminds me of the many field trips growing up sitting on a museum floor (including this one) eating lunch!
After lunch, Mackenzie really wanted to ride the dinosaur!  So funny!

Not very expressive, but she had fun! ;)

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