Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Summer Recap: Week 8

Since today is the first day of school, I might as well post about week 8 of summer! ha!

We met some friends at the Museum of natural Science one day.  The kids loved looking at the dinosaur bones and especially loved the shark cage.

We visited the Butterfly center while we were there and Meredith did pretty well considering she's afraid of bugs and flying things. ;)

Later in the week we hosted the Read In at our house and really loved the stories and snacks.

A friend of mine came over with her 3 little girls.  That was a LOT of girls in the house!  Lots of talking & laughter - just like we like it!

Mackenzie was invited to a birthday party at an inflatable play place.  She only new the birthday boy, but still had a great time!

That night we had some friends over for dinner, but I don't have any pictures.  It was a family with two little girls - we know a lot of families with only girls!  They had a lot of fun together and I know they would have played for hours had we let them!

Good times!

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