Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2015 Summer Recap: Week 7

We have exactly 12 days of summer left if you include the weekend and I'm just now posting about the middle of the summer.  I hate that I'm constantly behind, but its clearly what I do. ;)

Our church group takes turns going to each others' homes for playdates and Mackenzie was supper excited to go to Jesse's house.  They loved playing on the water slide and bounce houses together!  They were the last ones to go inside.  Actually, Mackenzie was the very last one to go inside and that took some coaxing.  She really enjoyed this waterslide.  
What she doesn't know is that she's getting it as a combined birthday gift with Meredith and Miranda.  We'll give it to them for the last week of school.  With Texas weather, we should have at least 6 weekends of fun before it gets cooler!
Meredith and Miranda were not into the water slides, so they sat in the chairs and ate their snacks.  I insisted Miranda sit in the seat on her own because I just couldn't hold her while sitting outside in 90 something degree weather!  Way too hot for that!

Later that week, we went to an indoor play place for kids under 6.  Since Mackenzie turns 7 in September, I promised her one more visit this summer.  It's basically a bunch of Melissa and Doug toys with matching play rooms. ;)  Dress up is clearly my kids favorite activity.  We don't do these kinds of places in the winter because of all the germs.  Can you imagine flu season and all of these dress up items?! No thank you.
Mackenzie and her friend!

During this week, Meredith decided that she was afraid she might sink during swim lessons and started making u-turns while swimming. ;)  She starts out just fine, but then turns back to her teacher.  She's still doing that currently, but her teacher is working with her. ;)

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