Friday, July 10, 2015

Water Beads

A week or so ago, we looked in our summer buckets and dug out the water beads! The girls love to play with these and it's such a simple activity. We first brought them out when Tropical Storm Bill was supposed to come through on a Tuesday, but then when we had to stay inside all day the next day because TS Bill finally showed up, we played with them again!

I can tolerate this a little better than a rice sensory bin! ;)  They still manage to get water on the floor and a squished water bead occasionally.
Miranda seemed to like it!
All they do is pick them up and say, "momma, look how big this one is!" over and over again!
See, this is Miranda coping her sisters!

And this is just before Miranda squished this water bead into pieces! Ha!

I've loved having our summer buckets that I started at the beginning of the summer.  Now, whenever they are feeling bored, they can look in the buckets and find an activity.  We've had these beads for a while, but I knew they would like them, so in they went!  We still have a couple of packets left, so I'm sure they'll be out again over the next several weeks!

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