Monday, July 27, 2015

Target Dollar Spot

The target dollar spot is dangerous for me!  We went to Target one day while waiting for the Library to open and stumbled across some great finds.  Thirty minutes later and I won't tell you how much money, Mackenzie said, "I thought we were only supposed to buy strawberries and grapes."  Yep, that's how Target go in for 1 or 2 items and leave with 40! Ha!

A classic dollar toy are the foam capsule things.  We got three packages...

To make it easier on everyone, I fixed to bowls for the girls (Miranda was napping).  Waiting, waiting...

Meredith got bored pretty quickly with just one or two at a time, so we did 10 at a time! ;)
Mackenzie liked taking her time and made her 18 capsules last a LONG time.
Ooh, yay!  36 foam creatures!
Here are our finds that were immediately spread across the floor!  A rainbow puzzle, a color puzzle, ABC blocks, snap blocks, large dice, plastic dinosaurs, plastic ponies and a few other things not pictured! I'm telling you it's dangerous!

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