Friday, July 17, 2015

so proud!

Earlier this week, the girls and I went to our neighborhood pool for a few hours.  As usual, the big girls took their ring floats - you know the old school little blow up rings that you put around your waist?  Nothing fancy, just your basic float.  A couple of weeks ago, Mackenzie realized that she can reach fairly well in the deep end and that she CAN swim, so she hasn't really used the float much.   The big girls were swimming back and forth to me without floats and were doing great!  After lunch, Mackenzie wanted to swim again, but with her float this time.  She put it on, got in the water and tried to swim.  She immediately got out and took the float off declaring that she didn't want to swim with a float!  "It's for little kids, Miranda can have mine."  I'm beyond excited that Mackenzie is confident enough to swim without a float.  She was even jumping off the edge of the pool and swimming back to the edge!  She has never wanted to jump off the pool even when I was there to catch her!  I am sooooo proud of her.  It has taken 5 months of lessons at age 4, 8 months of lessons at age 5 and only 6 lessons this summer!  She has improved so much despite the breaks in lessons we've had.  I'm not saying I don't watch her swim because I DO, but it gives me some comfort knowing she can swim and that she knows she can swim.

Meredith can swim well too, but her confidence isn't quite there.  That's ok, though because she's only 3! ;)  As with Mackenzie, it will come in time.  She's already much further along than Mackenzie was at that age (as in not swimming at all!). 

I'll be starting lessons with Miranda this fall and that should be very interesting! I've tried doing "1-2-3 bubbles" and putting her under water and after I do it once, when I ask her if she wants to do "1-2-3 bubbles" again, she says no pretty quick! HA! ;)  Again, the fall should be interesting.

I'm so proud of all my girls.  The fact that I can go to the pool with all three by myself at ages 1, 3 and 6 and everyone is swimming and having fun with or without floats is AWESOME!  I love my pool time with the girls even if it does take a lot of energy on my part.  ;)

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