Saturday, July 25, 2015

Noahs ark pool

One of the girls favorite places to go is the "Noah's Ark Pool." It's perfect for them and they have a lot of fun!

 Miranda wasn't sure what to think. Ha!

With water only going from 6" to 12" the girls have fun running around and going down the slides.
This whale is also a favorite!
As you can see, Miranda wasn't too thrilled that Mackenzie joined her.

Some of my new favorites from the summer!  All three girls might not be looking at the camera, but you can tell they are having fun, so that's even better!

Pizza, capri suns and a water park = a super fun day!  Well, lunch was fun for everyone except Meredith.  Once the flies showed up she was not happy!  She gets so scared over bugs!

Friends met us there, so I actually have pictures with me in them!  ;)  Meredith and Miranda thought I was part of the water park!
Meredith floating!
Miranda found a water gun and had fun squirting it, even though she only new how to pull the trigger when it was facing her!

Mackenzie and a friend found the "deeper" water and enjoyed swimming and playing together.

Just as we were about to leave, it started down pouring on us.  We and our towels were soaking wet!  Luckily, it stopped pretty quickly, so we just snacked while air drying. ;)

Another fun day at Noah's Ark.  We will be going again this summer, so yay!

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