Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Fourth of July...a little late

On the fourth of July we took the girls to see Disney's Inside Out.  It was really cute and while Miranda moved back and forth between Brandon and I, she didn't cry or throw a fit, so everyone got to enjoy the movie! Yay!  The movie started at lunch time so I had planned on sharing my pizza with her, but when she saw Brandon's hot dog, she decided it was hers for the taking.
She forced her daddy to go buy another hot dog for himself.  He came back with popcorn so that he wouldn't have to go back during the movie and that's when Miranda decided that was even better than the hot dog! ;)

Mackenzie didn't let me take her picture, but Meredith was excited!

After Miranda's nap that afternoon, we headed over to the house of our old friends for dinner and play time.  This was a last minute outing, but I think it was great!  The girls enjoyed the inflatable slides, Mackenzie especially!

Only cupcakes could calm Meredith down from her bug sightings.  Have I told you how afraid of bugs she is?!  She screams...really loud...and cries...and says she wants to go home...every time she sees a bug.  It's fun.

And then, because our day hadn't been long enough, we left around 8:15 and drove straight to the mall to watch the fireworks!  This was our first time to take the girls out to watch fireworks and our first time to go some place near home.  We took their chairs and we sat in the back of the truck.
Thankfully, my friend had given us some of their glow in the dark bracelets before we left her house.  These kept us occupied as we waited the 30 minutes for the show to start.

After 25 minutes of fireworks and almost 2 hours past their bedtime this was the synopsis:
Mackenzie: These are so pretty!  I love the fireworks!
Meredith:  I'm bored.  When is this going to be over?! (she was actually sleepy)
Miranda: *throwing a complete fit and melt down*

We were home around 10:15 and everyone was in bed by 10:30.  2 1/2 hours past bedtime and Meredith still woke up at 7!  It was Sunday, so she had to be up for church, but still, she only slept in for 20 extra minutes.  This is why I don't normally let her stay up...because I don't get anything extra out of her! ;)  Over all it was a great holiday full of fun!

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